Westie Beer Festie Werribee - Gin

Beer Fest Shenanigans: When gin and hops dance at Werribee

On a beautiful sunny Saturday at Kelly Park, Werribee, we came, we saw, and we brought gin to a beer party. It was a warm day, the park was buzzing, and we were here to turn give a taste of gin to the festival goers and turn non-gin drinkers into believers. A splash of Gin-sanity There were tons of die-hard beer lovers at a beer festival. However there were heaps of gin-entusiasts as well. They were pleasantly surprised to see a gin stall amongst all the fantastic beers and hops. We had put a fair bit of effort on our…

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Capi low sugar tonic water gin tasting guide

Capi Low Sugar Tonic for Gin Tasting

Let’s talk gin tasting today – because in the gin universe, taste is everything. It’s the compass that separates the casual gin sippers from the hardcore connoisseurs. We’re the kind of folks who are always on the hunt for those unique and complex flavors that the Australian gin scene has to offer. And guess what? We’ve got something pretty darn special in store – our Bright Night Gins tasting packs. They’ve been rocking the world of gin enthusiasts all over Australia, and it’s all thanks to our love for distilling and the fantastic mix of native Australian and imported botanicals….

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Gin gifting for staff

Create Experiences with the perfect Corporate Gift box

In the corporate world, there’s always a need for gifts – for employees, colleagues, or clients. A well-considered gift can speak volumes, making the receiver feel valued and enhancing your relationship. Fortunately, Bright Night Gin offers the perfect solution: customisable corporate gift boxes. Whether it’s the balance of the 14 botanicals or the 45% alcohol content providing that extra taste, our gin creates an experience that is hard to beat. Combined with fresh Tasmanian Mountain water, there’s something distinctively special about a Gin and Tonic made with Bright Night Gin. A Touch of Customisation One of the standout features of…

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Gin sensory indulgene packs

Gin Indulgence Packs

We are pairing out Award-winning Tasmanian gins with Premium Chocolate and a hand poured Gin and Tonic fragrance’d candle to create the ultimate sensory indulgence pack. Create a feast for your taste, smell and visual with our thoughtfully curated gin gift pack. Zen and Tonic Botanical Candle A sensory experience for the Bright Night Gin connoisseur! Our Zen and Tonic candle is a tribute to the Australian landscape where we get our botanicals! Handmade in Australia using natural soy wax, the candle combines the world of sereneity and sensory delight. Gin and Chocolate combination An exploration, a sensation, a taste…

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Why Bright Night should be the gin you buy next!

The award-winning taste of Bright Night Gin offers a lasting impression, setting it apart from the crowded gin market. Made for the gin enthusiast, its bold, complex flavor offers an exceptional drinking experience. From first sip to lasting finish, whether its by itself, in a Gin and Tonic or in a cocktail, Bright Night Gin delivers a refined blend for those who appreciate premium taste and a unique flavor profiles. Our awards serve as confirmation of the expertise, passion and love that goes into each bottle to make it truly special. Here are some of the reasons you should consider…

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How to pair your gin with meat

Gin is typically paired with light, salty or savory flavors. Beef and lamb are ideal choices. Also cured meats are a great pairing option for snacks and entertaining groups! Steaks and barbecued lamb are excellent choices for gin, while popular cured meats to pair with gin include prosciutto, salami, and bacon. The juniper in gin is a great complement to the saltiness and richness of cured meats. Additionally, the botanicals in gin can bring out the flavors of the meat and vice versa. Read on to find out some tips and tricks for pairing gin with meat. Pairing According to…

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