Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin

Dusty, intense and twinkling with flavour, Bright Night Gin fuses the distinctive taste of Tasmania’s native bushlands with traditional aromatics.

Savour the tantalising interplay of fourteen carefully selected botanicals including mountain pepper berries, lemon myrtle and kunzea. Earthy notes balance with bright citrus and bursts of peppery spice.

Complex and luminescent, like the Southern Ocean’s dark skies, Bright Night can be enjoyed cloudy on ice or in your favourite cocktail

Another award winning gin made by award winning distiller Damian Mackey.

Bright Night Gin is intentionally unfiltered.

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Unfiltered Gin

Bright Night Gin is intentionally unfiltered. Unfiltered Gin keeps more of the essential flavouring oils. The generous weight of botanicals used in this gin creates a high concentration of flavouring volatile oils. As a result, Bright Night Unfiltered Gin may cloud when mixed over ice.


Check out what botanicals give Bright Night Gin its unique taste.


From the tassie wilderness to your hands, learn how we make our gin.


Meet the team behind Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin.

Retains more flavour with 45% alcohol
14 local and imported botanicals
Made with pure Tasmanian mountain water
Award-winning gin by a multi award-winning distiller

Bright Night Gin Tasting Notes

Big aroma filling the whole of nose. Spicy, resinous, and herbal running to lolly sweetness at the back.

Full bodied, almost viscous mouth feel. Gentle warming heat from cardamom and mountain pepper with hints of citrus, liquorice, and sarsaparilla.

Lasting, earthy and herbal with pops of spice.

Makes a great heart-warming G&T, or can be enjoyed neat as a sipping gin.

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