Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin

CWSA - Asia Pacific Spirit of the year 2022CWSA - Double Gold Gin Award - Classic Gin CategoryAustralian Gin Awards - Gold Award - Contemporary GinAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards - Gold Award - Contemporary GinTop 10 Gins of Australia 2021San Francisco Spirits Awards - Silver MedalWorld Gin Awards 2022 Silver AwardTasting Australia Silver Award Gin 2021London Spirits Competition - Silver Award - London Dry GinTokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition - Silver Award - London Dry GinAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards 2021 Bronze AwardIWSC Gin Awards 2023 Bronze Award - 87 PointsAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022 Bronze Award

Dusty, intense and twinkling with flavour, Bright Night Gin fuses the distinctive taste of Tasmania’s native bushlands with traditional aromatics.

Savour the tantalising interplay of fourteen carefully selected botanicals including mountain pepper berries, lemon myrtle and kunzea. Earthy notes balance with bright citrus and bursts of peppery spice.

Complex and luminescent, like the Southern Ocean’s dark skies, Bright Night can be enjoyed cloudy on ice or in your favourite cocktail

Another award winning gin made by award winning distiller Damian Mackey.

Bright Night Gin is intentionally unfiltered.

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Key Gin Botanicals

Bright Night strives to strike a balance across all 14 botanicals, thereby covering the whole palate – front, middle and back – with a symphony of flavours, with no one botanical dominating the others.

Locally foraged Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry

Juniper berry

Home grown
Tasmanian kunzea


Bright Night Gin Awards

China Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 2022

Asia Pacific Spirit of the Year

China Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 22

Asia Pacific spirit of the year 2022 Trophy

China Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 22

Double Gold Medal Gin

Australian Gin Awards 2023

Gold Award

Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023

Gold Award

The Gin Queen

Top 10 Gins of Australia 2021

San Francisco Spirits Awards 2022

Silver Medal - London Dry Gin

World Gin Awards 2022

Silver Award - London Dry Gin

Tasting Australia 2021

Silver Award - London Dry Gin

London Spirits Competition 2023

Silver Award - London Dry Gin

Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition 2023

Silver Award - London Dry Gin

Australia Distilled Spirits Awards 2021

Bronze Award - London Dry Gin

IWSC Gin Awards 2023

Silver Award - 87 Points - London Dry Gin

Australia Distilled Spirits Awards 2022

Bronze Award - London Dry Gin

45% Alcohol by VolumeRetains more flavour with 45% alcohol
14 Botanicals in our Wild Tasmanian Gin14 local and imported botanicals
Tasmanian mounter waterMade with pure Tasmanian mountain water
Award winning Gin distillerAward-winning gin by a multi award-winning distiller

Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin Reviews

  1. Steve

    As a hendrix man, I have to say, the wild is one of the best drops I have tasted.
  2. Fran

    This gin was our introduction to Bright Night at the whisky week, and is our favorite Tasmanian gin. Top quality gin and definitely a must for any Australian gin enthusiast!
  3. Rebecca S

    I have tried a lot of gins and I keep going back to this gin. This is hands down my favourite gin. The gin and tonic has so much taste compared to the other gins. My partner definitely loves it as well.
  4. Lesley Smyth ( External website)

    A beautiful refreshing gin - loved it!
  5. Scott T (External website)

    A delicious all rounder gin. Superb in a martini but works well across a range of cocktails or simply poured generously over ice. Well worth a place in any home bar!
  6. Alex

    100% recommended. We originally found Bright Night gin through the Garden Street gin club and immediately started purchasing it direct. Australia has a load of great gins but we haven’t found another quite so tasty and smooth.
  7. Wes

    Bloody great gin!
  8. Mikki

    Bright Night Gin is an absolute winner. I've ordered from them multiple times and they deliver with quality and flavour every time. Also their customer service is brilliant. I'm so glad I found them because I am one happy customer.
  9. Lucia Christine

    Very smooth, one of the best gins we have had.

Bright Night Gin Tasting Notes

Big aroma filling the whole of nose. Spicy, resinous, and herbal running to lolly sweetness at the back.

Full bodied, almost viscous mouth feel. Gentle warming heat from cardamom and mountain pepper with hints of citrus, liquorice, and sarsaparilla.

Lasting, earthy and herbal with pops of spice.

Makes a great heart-warming G&T, or can be enjoyed neat as a sipping gin.

Unfiltered Gin

Bright Night Gin is intentionally unfiltered. Unfiltered Gin keeps more of the essential flavouring oils. The generous weight of botanicals used in this gin creates a high concentration of flavouring volatile oils. As a result, Bright Night Unfiltered Gin may cloud when mixed over ice.


Check out what botanicals give Bright Night Gin its unique taste.


From the tassie wilderness to your hands, learn how we make our gin.


Meet the team behind Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin.

What is a London Dry Gin

Our Wild Tasmanian Gin a London Dry style of gin. London Dry Gin is a style of gin that is known for its classic, traditional, and dry characteristics. It is not necessarily made in London, although historically, many of the world’s most famous gin brands were originally produced in London. London Dry Gin can be produced anywhere in the world, as long as it adheres to certain production and flavor profile standards. Our Wild Tasmanian Gin distilled and bottled in Tasmania adheres to the London Dry style. Here is what classifies as a London Dry Gin
– Uses a base neutral spirit, our gin uses a grain based neutral spirit
– Has a juniper dominant taste, so juniper must be the prominent flavour for a London Dry gin. You can use other botanicals (Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin uses 14) but they shouldn’t be the dominant flavour
– Has to only use natural ingredients, no artificial additives, colourings or sweetners are allowed
– No botanicals or flavourings can be added after distillation, all the botanicals have to go in during or before the distillation process, only water is allowed after the gin is distilled
London Dry Gin is considered the benchmark for a classic gin and the Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin is recommended for London Dry Gin fans.

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