Every batch of Bright Night Gin is distilled in New Town, Tasmania and produces about 600 bottles. Here is the process that every bottle of Bright Night Gin goes through before it lands in your hands.

1. Sourcing the Botanicals

The first step is to source all the botanicals. We use a number of local Tasmanian botanicals, some Australian botanicals and botanicals from around the world to create Bright Night Gin.

We use extra- neutral grain-based spirit for its crisp, clean character, and its ability to carry flavouring volatile oils from our botanicals.

2. Infusing the botanicals in the spirit

We carefully measure and mix the 14 botanicals that we are using to bring about the unique flavour of the gin.

The 14 botanicals are steeped in the base spirit in the pot of our copper still, infusing all the flavours and oils into the spirit.

3. Distilling Bright Night Gin

We now start the distilling process by heating up the botanical-infused spirit. When the still-charge begins to boil it releases a vapour mix of alcohol and water in which the botanical oils are interwoven.

The vapours pass through the condenser which turns then back into liquid: high strength gin! The undesirable elements are left behind in the still, and the copper ensures that any that do rise with the steam are removed prior to the condensation process.

4. Cutting with pure mountain waters of Tasmania

The gin produced by the distillation process has a high alcohol percentage. We use the pure fresh Tasmanian mountain water to cut the spirit to 45%.

5. Bottling and Delivery

After the cut-back, Bright Night Gin is ready. We bottle it up, put in the corks and attach the labels onto the bottles.

Finally, we add a tamper- proof seal on top, and the gin is ready for delivery to you.

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