Branding & Sales

Responsible for everything outside your bottle of Bright Night Gin.

Suman Dahal has been involved in sales and marketing since early 2000s since he landed in Australia from his home country Nepal.

While a late bloomer when it came to drinking, he gained a love for gin and has always been passionate about being involved in the gin industry.

When there was an opportunity in 2020 to get involved in Damian’s new and exciting gin, he jumped in to handle the sales and marketing of Bright Night Gin.

Suman heads the branding, sales and marketing of Bright Night Gin and works to build the brand and promote Bright Night Gin in Australia and around the world.

The name “Bright Night” reminds Suman of all the times he saw bright night skies in Hobart and thought it was the famed Aurora Australis.

Head Distiller

Responsible for everything inside your bottle of Bright Night Gin.

Damian Mackey’s interest in distilling was ignited in the early 1990s, and in 2006 he and his wife Madeleine established their eponymous distillery and whisky label.

Since that time, distilling gin and whisky has been the mainstay in Damian’s life, and his products have earned international recognition including ‘liquid gold’ status in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Damian’s early experiments distilling gin botanicals culminated in his creation of the much-awarded Poltergeist Gin.

In 2019 he began working on a new gin, delving deeper into the world of traditional gin botanicals and the exciting new aromas and tastes of Tasmania’s unique flora. The result: Bright Night Gin. 

Damian is passionate about Tasmanian whisky and spirits, and currently serves on the Tasmanian Whisky & Spirits Association’s Executive Committee.

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