Capi low sugar tonic water gin tasting guide

Capi Low Sugar Tonic for Gin Tasting

Let’s talk gin tasting today – because in the gin universe, taste is everything. It’s the compass that separates the casual gin sippers from the hardcore connoisseurs. We’re the kind of folks who are always on the hunt for those unique and complex flavors that the Australian gin scene has to offer. And guess what? We’ve got something pretty darn special in store – our Bright Night Gins tasting packs. They’ve been rocking the world of gin enthusiasts all over Australia, and it’s all thanks to our love for distilling and the fantastic mix of native Australian and imported botanicals….

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Gin tasting at home with a gin tasting pack

Gin tasting at home offers gin enthusiasts the opportunity to sample a variety of gins from the comfort of their own homes. Gin tasting packs typically include a selection of different gins, ranging from traditional London dry gins to more experimental, flavoured gins. Gin tasting at home also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different mixers and garnishes and go beyond the standard mixer pairings.

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A brief history of Gin and Tonic

One of the most popular cocktails of all time. The classic gin and tonic. How did the gin and tonic become this popular? Most of all, how did we discover gin and tonic? Winston Churchill once said, “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the empire.” What a powerful statement for a drink that’s known to be as simple as a great refreshment today.  Why did he say something like that? Because during the British empire in India, gin and tonic were actually used to treat Malaria. Before this, gin (or…

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Bright Night Gin Signature Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonics to try on International Gin and Tonic day

Do you want a cheeky guilt-free Gin and Tonic? Fret not, because today 19th of October is International Gin and Tonic day 🙂 And what better way to spend International Gin and Tonic day than by having some great Bright Night Gin and Tonics. International Gin and Tonic day is a celebration of one of the world’s most famous drinks, the humble Gin and Tonic.  Enjoyed by drinkers all around the world, this drink is simple and sophisticated. A classic Gin and Tonic only takes a moment to make and anyone with opposable thumbs can make this without any complex…

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