Bright Night Gin Martini

Martini … origin, evolution, variation and recipes

As you may already know, June 17th marks World Martini Day (3rd Saturday of June), a global celebration dedicated to honoring this timeless libation that has captivated enthusiasts for over a century. On this article, lets talk about the intriguing orginis of Martini and its remarkable evolution over time. Lets explore, the Martini.

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How to make the perfect Negroni

The Negroni is another one of the simplest, yet delicious gin cocktail classics. It’s a drink that you would want to have at any time of the year. It works great as an appetizer We understand how great it would be to learn how to make your own perfect Negroni at home even with the simplest ingredients and equipment. But, before we start making the perfect classic Negroni, let’s talk about its history first. How did we start making the Negroni? Where did it come from? Two Possible Origins of the Negroni Cocktail 1919: The Discovery of the Negroni by…

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