Award winning pink gin pamper pack

Pink gin pamper pack

$135.00 incl GST

Tasmanian Essence Duo pack

$165.00 incl GST
Tasmanian essence gin gift pack
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Barrel Aged gin pamper pack

$130.00 incl GST

The essential Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin pamper pack puts our award-winning gin with a Zen & Tonic candle and a paired Cuvee chocolate, this gin gift pack also includes a handwritten message to send a gift to yourself or a loved one.  The pack includes

  • Gold-award-winning Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin
    Australian Gin Awards - Gold Award - Barrel Aged GinAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards - Bronze Award - Barrel Aged Gin
  • Zen & Tonic Australian made hand poured natural soy candle
  • Cuvee chocolate (we recommend Soleo with this gin, but you can pick any of the other varieties)
  • Cocktails and dreams gin cocktail guide
  • Hand written message

Bright Night Barrel Aged Gin Gift Pack includes

Chardonnay barrel aged gin

Aged in a local Tamar valley winery's French Oak barrel, our award-winning Wild Tasmanian Gin has evolved into an elegant, full-bodied delight with depth and complexity after several months. The Chardonnay-aged barrel contributes to its unique flavor profile.

Zen &Tonic Natural Soy Candle

Australian natural hand poured soy candle - A tribute to the Australian landscape where we get our botanicals!

Cuvee Chocolate Bar

Pick one of 4 delicious flavours of Cuvee Chocolate, Soleo (42% Milk Chocolate), Bianco (35% White Chocolate), Amphora (65% Dark Chocolate) or Grand Cru (75% Extra Dark Chocolate)

Gin Cocktails guide book

Bright Night Gin Cocktail Guide

Bright Night Gin Dreams and Cocktails - a guide to enjoying Bright Night gin and cocktails made with our award-winning gin

Hand written thank you note  featuring a gin connoisseur

Hand written note

If you include a gift message, we will include a custom hand written note written by us and includes one of 6 bright night connoisseurs.



The essential Bright Night Chardonnay Bareel Aged Gin pamper pack puts our gold-award-winning gin with a Zen & Tonic candle and a paired Cuvee chocolate.  The pack includes

Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin

Our third expression, Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin, takes on an added layer of complexity and richness through maturation in Chardonnay French Oak barrels. This ageing process imparts an exquisite depth of flavour and a beautiful golden colour to the gin.

On tasting, we find nuanced notes of oak, hints of wine’s fruity aromatics, mingled with classic gin botanicals. Pairing such this intriguing gin with the Amphora 65% dark chocolate is pure indulgence. The dark chocolate’s robust, bitter-sweet symphony of flavours can stand toe-to-toe with the gin’s intricate taste profile. The slight bitterness of the chocolate prolonged the aftertaste of the gin, leading to a rich, complex and thrilling taste experience.

Cuvée Chocolate

Cuvée Chocolate are a Bean to Bar Chocolate maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2015, they have dedicate themselves to bringing back real Chocolate, one bean at a time!

Zen & Tonic Handmade Australian candle

A sensory experience for the Bright Night Gin connoisseur! A tribute to the Australian landscape where we get our botanicals! Handmade by our team in Australia and using natural soy wax, the Bright Night Zen and Tonic candle is more than just a candle – it’s a transcendent experience that promises to soothe your senses and transport you to a realm of pure tranquility. Ignite this candle and let its aromatic embrace guide you through a tapestry of scents, creating an ambiance that harmoniously marries the refreshing allure of a classic G&T with the untamed beauty of Australia.

Cocktails and dreams – A guide to enjoying Bright Night Gin

Our latest iteration of our cocktails guidebook that has the cocktails you can make with our gin

Hand written message

A hand written message from one of our staff with one of the Bright Night Gin characters.


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Gin reviews

  1. Andrew Hound

    This is no doubt, one of my favourite Bright Night gins. Picked it up at Ginuary last year and got two bottles this year as well! Makes my favourite gin and tonic.
  2. Christine

    Bright Night's Barrel Aged Gin will appeal to any ginthusiast. Would also make an ideal introduction for anyone who hasn't tried this style of gin before. I'll be honest and say I had high expectations based on the outstanding quality and flavours of their other gins and this is now in my top 5 👏 Vanilla, caramel and the hint of oak notes seeping through to delight the palate. The gorgeous light golden colour hue clearly influenced from resting in the French Oak Chardonnay Cask (from a local Tasmanian Vineyard too for bonus points). Just beautiful. I enjoyed this neat and also over ice to ensure I savour the true flavours. I'll need to buy the bigger bottle to try playing with some other flavour and drink combinations 😏 Thank you @brightnightgin for creating another no doubt award winner.

Value for Money

Bright Night Gin comes in 700ml bottles and 45% ABV so you are getting more gin and more gin than water in your bottle.


Sustainability is at the core of our existence. Our gins are distilled, bottled and stocked in carbon negative Tasmania. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and our delivery is carbon netural.

Support Australian Gin

Bright Night Gin is a hand crafted gin made in Australia by distillers who care about quality. We are fully Australian owned and run except of a few botanicals that we import. Some of our botanicals are foraged, some even home-grown. We would love local support.

Memorable Taste

At the end though, what really matters is the taste of the gin. Our gins are high regarded by gin connoisseurs and critics. We have won numerous awards and we try to make sure your Bright Night Gin experience is exceptional.

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