Award winning Australian Pink gin

Bright Night Pink Gin

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Bright Night Gin 200ml Bottle

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200ml Award-winning Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin

Tasmanian Sunset pack – Wild Tasmanian Gin + Pink Gin

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Enjoy the best of both worlds and receive free shipping with our Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin + Bright Night Pink Gin pack!

Experience the stunning sunsets of Tasmania with our Tasmanian Sunset Pack, featuring two award-winning 700ml bottles of our best Australian gins.

The Wild Tasmanian Gin, a classic London Dry style, is made with 14 botanicals for a smooth and refreshing taste.

CWSA - Asia Pacific Spirit of the year 2022CWSA - Double Gold Gin Award - Classic Gin CategoryAustralian Gin Awards - Gold Award - Contemporary GinAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards - Gold Award - Contemporary GinTop 10 Gins of Australia 2021San Francisco Spirits Awards - Silver MedalWorld Gin Awards 2022 Silver AwardTasting Australia Silver Award Gin 2021London Spirits Competition - Silver Award - London Dry GinTokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition - Silver Award - London Dry GinAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards 2021 Bronze AwardIWSC Gin Awards 2023 Bronze Award - 87 PointsAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022 Bronze Award

The Pink Gin offers a fruity and slightly tart experience by steeping murtis berries in the Wild Tasmanian Gin. Enjoy the authentic and premium gin drinking experience with this delightful multi-gold-winning gin pack.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Gold MedalCWSA 2022 - Gold MedalAustralian Gin Awards - Gold MedalWorld Gin Awards 2023 Silver AwardIWSC Gin Awards 2023 Silver Award - 90 PointsTokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition - Bronze Award - Flavoured GinTasting Australia Gin Awards 2022 Bronze Award
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Bright Night Tasmanian sunset gin gift Pack includes the following

Please read description below for full details on each item.

Bright Night Pink Gin

Our pink gin made with murtis berries hand picked from Penguin, TAS. Our Pink gin has won 3 gold medals in its first year in San Francisco, China and Australia. Delicious in a tonic, spritz or as a sipping gin

Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin

Bright Night Wild Tasmanian gin is our multi-award winninig gin, distilled gently in the foothills of Mt Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania. Awarded double gold and Asia Pacific spirit of the year 2022.



Introducing the Tasmanian Sunset Pack, a perfect combination of two award-winning 700ml bottles of premium Tasmanian gin that will transport you to the stunning sunsets of Tasmania. Great thing is that you wont need to pay shipping either.

  • The first gin in the pack is the Wild Tasmanian Gin, a classic London Dry Gin made with a unique blend of 14 Tasmanian, Australian, and imported botanicals, including juniper berries, elderberries, citrus, and Tasmanian pepperberry. This gin offers a smooth, crisp, and refreshing taste with a delicate aroma with a pop of spice, perfect for any gin enthusiast.
  • The second gin in the pack is our Pink Gin, a unique and flavorful gin made by steeping the Wild Tasmanian Gin with murtis berries. This infusion results in a fragrant, fruity and slightly tart taste, with hints of juniper and spice. The Pink Gin is perfect for those who enjoy a fruity and more vibrant gin experience.

Both gins are carefully crafted by our expert distillers using only the finest Australian and imported ingredients, ensuring a truly authentic and premium drinking experience. Each bottle contains 700ml of gin, providing plenty of opportunities to enjoy and share with friends and family.

Experience the beautiful Tasmanian sunset with our Tasmanian Sunset Pack, a perfect gift for any gin lover or a delightful treat for yourself. Order now and enjoy the best of Australian gin.

Wild Tasmanian Gin reviews

  1. Steve

    As a hendrix man, I have to say, the wild is one of the best drops I have tasted.
  2. Fran

    This gin was our introduction to Bright Night at the whisky week, and is our favorite Tasmanian gin. Top quality gin and definitely a must for any Australian gin enthusiast!
  3. Rebecca S

    I have tried a lot of gins and I keep going back to this gin. This is hands down my favourite gin. The gin and tonic has so much taste compared to the other gins. My partner definitely loves it as well.
  4. Lesley Smyth ( External website)

    A beautiful refreshing gin - loved it!
  5. Scott T (External website)

    A delicious all rounder gin. Superb in a martini but works well across a range of cocktails or simply poured generously over ice. Well worth a place in any home bar!
  6. Alex

    100% recommended. We originally found Bright Night gin through the Garden Street gin club and immediately started purchasing it direct. Australia has a load of great gins but we haven’t found another quite so tasty and smooth.
  7. Wes

    Bloody great gin!
  8. Mikki

    Bright Night Gin is an absolute winner. I've ordered from them multiple times and they deliver with quality and flavour every time. Also their customer service is brilliant. I'm so glad I found them because I am one happy customer.
  9. Lucia Christine

    Very smooth, one of the best gins we have had.

Pink gin reviews

  1. Fran

    This gin is my favorite sip for spring, I cant stop drinking this. The fragrance from the berries add another level to the taste. Goes well with anything, not just tonic!
  2. Amy

    I absolutely love Bright Night Pink Gin. It’s a delicious smooth tasting gin with the most beautiful fragrance. A perfectly balanced gin that’s not overly sweet. I enjoy mine with low sugar lemonade and ice. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, 5
  3. Rebecca S

    I absolutely love the pink gin. My partner who is usually against pink gin drinks this neat now, smells great and a good spicy taste to it.
  4. Cath

    Absolutely delicious gin and not sweet like other pink gins. Very fragrant and smooth with fever tree aromatic tonic water.
  5. Belinda P

    Loved this one! Great for summer drinking
  6. Melissa

    Picked this up at the ginuary stall. This is not sweet unlike other pink gins. Amazing fragrance from the berries. Goes well as a pink spiritz as recommended by the team!
  7. Mel

    Love the pink gin! The fragrance and the taste is absolutely amazing. This has become our favorite sipping gin. Highly recommended.

Value for Money

Bright Night Gin comes in 700ml bottles and 45% ABV so you are getting more gin and more gin than water in your bottle.


Sustainability is at the core of our existence. Our gins are distilled, bottled and stocked in carbon negative Tasmania. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and our delivery is carbon netural.

Support Australian Gin

Bright Night Gin is a hand crafted gin made in Australia by distillers who care about quality. We are fully Australian owned and run except of a few botanicals that we import. Some of our botanicals are foraged, some even home-grown. We would love local support.

Memorable Taste

At the end though, what really matters is the taste of the gin. Our gins are high regarded by gin connoisseurs and critics. We have won numerous awards and we try to make sure your Bright Night Gin experience is exceptional.

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