Mini bar bottles (50ml)

Wow your guests and tream them to an unforgettable, premium gin experience with our multi-award-winning Australian gins from Tasmania. Bright Night Gins have gained recognition as one of Australia’s most awarded gin brands, and we are delighted to announce that they are now available in convenient 50ml bottles designed to fit seamlessly in your mini bar.

Gin Experience packs (3x50ml)

Additionally we have now also rolled out our experience packs, that you can use in your bar or provide customers in the room to enhance their stay. With enough volume and notice, we can also personalise these experience packs (the blue label on the box and the instruction booklet can be personalised).

These could be an add on when customers are booking a room or to provide the extra special treatment to a regular customer or if you book a number of nights.

Signature Cocktails at the bar

Imagine “your hotel name” Cocktail made with premium Australian gin and local products that define your location. Our team can work with your bar/mixology team and come up with something exciting and unique for your hotel. We will also cross promote the gin in our socials, in our cocktails app and our blog and emails.

We also recommend having visible bottles with gin and tonic offerings at your hotel bar!

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