Corporate Gin Gift Box

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Looking at gifts for your corportate staff, colleagues or clients? Let Bright Night create the perfect corporate gin gift boxes!

Bright Night Corporate boxes combine our one or more of our award-winning Gins, a paired chocolate, a Zen and Tonic candle.

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Looking at gifts for your corportate staff, colleagues or clients? Let Bright Night create the perfect corporate gin gift boxes! These boxes can also be customised to your company’s details and logo.

Our Corporate Gin gift boxes can include

One or more of our award winning Australian gins

Pick one 700 ml bottle, or 2 x 200ml bottles or 3x50ml bottles of our award-winning gins. We have three award-winning gin expressions that suits every palate.’

  • London Dry style Wild Tasmanian Gin
  • Murtis berry flavoured Pink Gin
  • Chardonnay barrel aged gin

Please contact us to get a tasting before you make a decision

One or more paired Chocolate

Pick from one of more of paired chocolate to go with the gin. We offer delicious cuvee chocolate as well as gold medal winning Tasmanian fudge pack (which comes in four flavours).

A Zen and Tonic Candle

Grab a zen and tonic candle and lose yourself in the aroma of our delicious gins and the Australian bush where we forage our botanicals.

Paired Tonic water

We can include one or more delicious low-sugar tonic water to the pack for those who are picky about the quality of Tonic water they use in their gins.

Customised for your business

The box label and the thank you card can be customised for your business. Please send us an inquiry with your details here.



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    Value for Money

    Bright Night Gin comes in 700ml bottles and 45% ABV so you are getting more gin and more gin than water in your bottle.


    Sustainability is at the core of our existence. Our gins are distilled, bottled and stocked in carbon negative Tasmania. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and our delivery is carbon netural.

    Support Australian Gin

    Bright Night Gin is a hand crafted gin made in Australia by distillers who care about quality. We are fully Australian owned and run except of a few botanicals that we import. Some of our botanicals are foraged, some even home-grown. We would love local support.

    Memorable Taste

    At the end though, what really matters is the taste of the gin. Our gins are high regarded by gin connoisseurs and critics. We have won numerous awards and we try to make sure your Bright Night Gin experience is exceptional.

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