You will notice that in a lot of our marketing we have a few characters who seem to enjoy their gin. While this was initially started to showcase our Gin tasting videos, they have become a part of our overall Brand. We have also been asked a few times about these characters so we thought it was a good idea to introduce the characters.

Ms Berry – Elevate your senses!

Berry is a botanical enthusiast with a passion for infusing her gins with a variety of herbs and spices. She’s all about exploring the natural world and crafting unique, flavor-packed gin creations

Ms Berry may be found in

  • Cocktails and Dreams book – 2024 Edition

Mr Blue – Chill out!

Mr. Blue is the laid-back, easygoing character who adores Wild Tasmanian gin concoctions. He’s all about embracing the relaxed side of life and savoring the cool, refreshing flavors of his favorite gin.

Mr Bright – Classic Delight!

Mr. Bright is the life of the party, always bringing sunshine wherever he goes. He’s the go-to guy for classic London Dry Gin cocktails, and he’s never seen without a smile on his face.

Mr Bright may be found in

Ms Pink – Sip Pretty!

Ms. Pink is the ultimate socialite, known for her love of vibrant pink gin and creative cocktails. She’s a free spirit who adds a splash of color to every gathering, turning ordinary moments into fabulous parties.

Ms Pink may be found in

Ms Night – Embrace the Gin Noir!

Ms. Night is mysterious and elegant, the queen of the night. She enjoys the tranquility of evening sips and the smoothness of London Dry Gin. Her sophistication and grace make her the embodiment of nighttime indulgence.

Ms Night may be found in

Mr Brown – Rich Sophistication!

Brown is a seasoned gin enthusiast who’s developed a deep appreciation for the rich, oaky flavors of barrel-aged gin. He’s the epitome of sophistication and enjoys savoring the complexities of aged spirits

Mr Brown may be found in

  • 200 ml Bright Night Barrel Aged gin
  • Limited edition t-shirts
  • Cocktails and Dreams book – 2024 Edition

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