What sustainability means to us a gin company

At Bright Night Gin, we’re committed to sustainable distilling practices. And as demand for our product grows so does the need for environmentally friendly methods to produce gin, without compromising quality or sustainability!

We want each bottle that leaves our facility be one step closer towards “leaving your house a better place than when you found it” – because at heart there’s always room (and responsibility) for improvement.

With sustainability in mind, we’ve started with a focus on reducing our footprint. We are constantly looking for ways to improve processes and ensure that when you drink Bright Night Gin, you can rest assured that we are not compromising the environment to create, and get the gin to you. 

We’ve made sure to use sustainable processes for the parts of our business that we can control.

Here’s an overview, and here are some specific details about how each area operates in a way that is good both now and long term!

Locally sourced ingredients 

When things have to travel, they inadvertently use up resources and energy. We work hard to source our botanicals locally and around Australia where possible. Some of the key ingredients for many products come from Tasmania like mountain pepperberry, kunzea and murtis berry- all found in this beautiful state! We also pick organic and ethically sourced botanicals where possible when we have to purchase them.

In addition to using only the best ingredients, our delicious gins are made with 100% pure Mountain Water. This is a win for us because we love how pristine and clean it tastes! We agree, there’s definitely something in the Tasmanian mountain water.

Distilling and bottling in Tasmania

Being a Tasmanian gin means that we are using Tasmania’s carbon-negative processes to create our gin. The state of Tasmania has one of only three officially designated “negatively carbons” in all world, which means you can enjoy a drink with environmental responsibility. We are proud to be a part of the small but growing community that is working towards positive change in our planet’s future. We work hard to use as much of our production, bottling and warehousing in Tasmania where possible.

Packaging of our gin

All of our packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly. We use paper for most of it and compostable plastic when possible, with the exception being tamper-proof seals on top bottles that need a durable option due their strength requirements.

Instead of bubble wraps, we use honeycomb paper to wrap your bottles. Instead of plastic satchels, we opt for compostable satchels to deliver your package. 

Managing our waste

The great thing about gin botanicals is that its Mother Nature’s own natural ingredients and easily compostable. So they end up as fertilisers around the garden in our distillery. 

Bright Night Gin warehousing

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible company, which is why our main warehouse in Tasmania takes advantage of carbon negative energy and helps combat climate change. Our second location in Melbourne, Victoria where we store products uses Solar Power for all its needs!

Sustainable future

As a gin distillery, sustainability goes beyond just the short term. We want our efforts to look toward the future. For us sustainability is more than just preserving what you have for future generations. It’s about creating a legacy that improves across-the board, and we’re always looking at ways to do things better! Our social media channels will let you know when these improvements happen so stay tuned by checking out Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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