Sugar syrup (or simple syrup)

Sugar syrup (also called simple syrup) is basically just a mix of sugar and water. Sugar syrup is also one...

Cucumber Gimlet

A refreshing warm weather twist on the Gimlet. We can't seem to get enough of the gimlet and its twists.

Kiwi Tom Collins

Not the designer from New Zealand! Its a refreshing twist on the classic "Tom Collins" recipe. Highly recommended by the Bright Night Gin team.

Grapefruit gin & tonic

Grapefruit gin & tonic ingredients 60ml Bright Night Gin Fevertree aromatic tonic water Herb garnish of choice (we are using...

Bright Night spicy gin & tonic

Spicy gin & tonic ingredients 60ml Bright Night Gin Tonic water 1 fresh chili Coriander 15ml simple syrup 10ml lemon/lime...

Elderflower and Lemon Gin and Tonic

Elderflower and lemon gin & tonic ingredients 60ml Bright Night Gin Fever Tree elderflower tonic water Couple of lemon wedges...

Bright Night Gin Signature Gin & Tonic

Bright Night Signature Gin & Tonic

Bright Night signature Gin & Tonic Ingredients 60ml Bright Night Gin Premium Tonic water Ice cubes Fresh or frozen blueberries...

Tom Collins

An amazing refreshing fizzy cocktail that you can personalise to your own liking.

Bright Night Gin Signature Autumn 21 Cocktail

Our first signature cocktail 🙂 created by our very own Benny the barman. Best enjoyed viewing the changing colours of Autumn.


A lime a day keeps Scurvy away! Classic, tasty and easy to make, the Gimlet cocktail is bound to be your go to cocktail for a quick tasty drink.


Enzoni cocktail ingredients Handful of Grapes (Preferably Green) Bright Night Gin 30ml Campari 30ml Lemon Juice 30ml Sugar Syrup (or...


Ingredients Handful of basil sugar 60ml gin 30ml fresh lime juice basil leaves for garnish Method The first step is...

Gin & Sonic

Don’t like the sweetness of the classic G&T? This Japanese twist is more bubbly and just right on the taste buds.


Shaken or stirrred? your choice. One of the most iconic cocktails of all time invented in 1860s and perfected with dry vermouth in early 1900s.

Gin Mojito

A Gin Mojito is a fresh and refreshing take on the classic mojito made out of rum. The Botanicals in Bright Night Gin compliment the fresh ingredients in this mojito creating a rejuvenating taste.


The classic Italian apéritif now over a century old but still one of our favorites. Great for a pre-meal drink or a post meal sip over a nice chatter.

Negroni Cocktail Gallery

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