For us, we are not just about making an award winning gin, we also want to extend our hands to uplift and empower our local community. That’s precisely why we love investing in community projects and weaving a strong social fabric that reflects the spirit of our gin. We’re more than proud to mention our ongoing support to the Norwood footy club. For two consecutive runs, we’ve stretchered out a helping hand to sponsor the female players of the club. We believe in their potential and we want to play our part in establishing a level playing field in the sport. Moreover, offering our exquisite gin for local fundraisers is just one small way of how we’ve been able to support these talented, fierce sportswomen. While we pour support into the world of sports, we equally embrace the local arts scene, another vibrant component of our community. When we heard about the new Magpie movie by Lorne Film, we didn’t hesitate for a moment to contribute and sponsor. We have also been part of numerous fundriasers from our local stockist’s christmas fundraiser to bigger charity and medical events.

We are humbled by the opportunity to give back and make a productive difference. After all, what’s better than pouring love into a glass of gin? Pouring it into our local community.

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