Chardonnay barrel aged gin

We’ve been aging our award-winning Wild Tasmanian Gin in a wine barrel for the last few months, allowing it to develop an elegant full-bodied taste with complexity and depth. 

The wine barrel comes from a local Tamar valley winery (Goaty Hill) and is a French Oak barrel previously used to age Chardonnay.

Australian Gin Awards - Gold Award - Barrel Aged GinAustralian Distilled Spirits Awards - Bronze Award - Barrel Aged Gin

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin Tasting notes

Creamy, oak-tinged notes of buttery vanillins and carmels add extra layers to Bright Night’s signature earthy warmth.

The pale straw hue is suggestive of the delicate influence of the 220L French Oak Chardonnay cask in which this gin has been rested.

Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin

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  • The ultimate combination of
  • Award winning gin, chardonnay wine
  • French oak barrel and
  • Tasmania’s unique climate

Chardonnay grapes

Chardonnay is a popular white grape variety that is often used to make dry, full-bodied wines with flavors of green apple, pear, and lemon. Chardonnay wines are also known for their buttery and creamy texture, which can be attributed in part to the oak barrels in which they are often aged.

French oak barrels

French oak barrels are often considered the standard for aging spirits due to their subtle and complex flavors. Gin aged in French oak barrels can have flavors of vanilla, toast, and spice. French oak barrels also provide a smooth and creamy texture to the gin. French oak is typically more expensive than other types of oak.

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin Awards

Australian Gin Awards 2023

Gold Award

Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023

Bronze Award

45% Alcohol by VolumeRetains more flavour with 45% alcohol
14 Botanicals in our Wild Tasmanian Gin14 local and imported botanicals
Tasmanian mounter waterMade with pure Tasmanian mountain water
Award winning Gin distillerAward-winning gin by a multi award-winning distiller

Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin Reviews

  1. Andrew Hound

    This is no doubt, one of my favourite Bright Night gins. Picked it up at Ginuary last year and got two bottles this year as well! Makes my favourite gin and tonic.
  2. Christine

    Bright Night's Barrel Aged Gin will appeal to any ginthusiast. Would also make an ideal introduction for anyone who hasn't tried this style of gin before. I'll be honest and say I had high expectations based on the outstanding quality and flavours of their other gins and this is now in my top 5 👏 Vanilla, caramel and the hint of oak notes seeping through to delight the palate. The gorgeous light golden colour hue clearly influenced from resting in the French Oak Chardonnay Cask (from a local Tasmanian Vineyard too for bonus points). Just beautiful. I enjoyed this neat and also over ice to ensure I savour the true flavours. I'll need to buy the bigger bottle to try playing with some other flavour and drink combinations 😏 Thank you @brightnightgin for creating another no doubt award winner.

Bright Night Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin Tasting Notes

Creamy, oak-tinged notes of buttery vanillins and carmels add extra layers to Bright Night’s signature earthy warmth.


Check out what botanicals give Bright Night Gin its unique taste.


From the tassie wilderness to your hands, learn how we make our gin.


Meet the team behind Bright Night Pink Gin.

What is a Barrel Aged gin?

Barrel-aged gin is a type of gin that has been aged in oak barrels, similar to how whiskey is aged. The aging process imparts the gin with new flavors and aromas that are characteristic of the barrel in which it was aged, such as vanilla, oak, and caramel. The aging process can last anywhere from several months to several years, and the length of time the gin is aged can affect the final taste and color of the gin.

Barrel-aged gin is typically made by taking a base gin and aging it in a barrel that has previously been used for aging whiskey, wine, or other spirits. The barrel contributes flavors and aromas to the gin that are not found in traditional, un-aged gin. Some barrel-aged gin is made by distilling gin with barrel staves or chips, which allows the gin to absorb the flavors of the barrel during the distillation process.

Barrel-aged gin is often enjoyed as a sipping gin, and its unique flavors and aromas make it a popular choice for cocktails. Many bartenders use barrel-aged gin in place of whiskey in classic cocktails, such as the Manhattan, to add a new twist to the drink.

Why don’t you sell your Barrel Aged gin in 200ml bottles

For our first batch of Barrel Aged gin, we used a 200 liter barrel, which means that we only got a limited amount of Barrel Aged gin so we have to carefully decide where to utilise that gin. We want to make sure our customers get the 700ml bottles which are the best value for our gins. We also want to make sure that our customers can get gift packs with 3 200ml gins and gin tasting packs, 3x 50ml of our gins. So to make sure that we are providing the best value and making sure customers and taste all 3 expressions of our gins, we have decided to not sell the 200ml bottles separately.

If you would like a taste, we recommend purchasing a Gin tasting pack or a gin gift pack

Where does your Barrel for your Barrel Aged gin come from?

The French Oak barrel that we use to mature our Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin comes from Goaty Hill Winery in Tamar valley (in particular Tamar ridge). They have now renamed the winery to small wonder wines. Similar to Bright Night Gin, they are sustainable minded and certified organic. The chardonnay comes from 20 hectares of vineyards nestled among native bushlands, 50 meters above sea level. We particularly love the goat sculptures scattered across the winery and in different interesting poses.

What sets Barrel-Aged Gin apart from other gins?

Our Barrel-Aged Gin undergoes a unique aging process in Chardonnay barrels, imparting a rich and complex flavor profile, distinct from traditional gins. The aging of the gins in the barrel pulls complex flavours from the barrels creating a delicious infusion of crisp chardonnay flavours, award winning gin flavours and rich oak flavours.

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