Juniper Berry

Juniper Berries - Gin Botanicals

An essential for any traditional gin, these small, dark blue berries come from the conifer family and create the piney, fragrant gin base. Our berries are grown and harvested in Serbia. 

Coriander Seeds

Provide spice and citrus base notes. The dried seeds we use (in abundance) are imported from India. 

Tasmanian mountain pepper berries

Sourced from the state’s central highlands provide heat and spice and are one of the hero ingredients. They were first used as a gin botanical in the 1990s.


Another native Tasmanian botanical. Fresh sprigs provide delicate aromatics of citrus, eucalyptus and honey. We grow our own.

Macademia Nut

Grown in Queensland, provides a silky, smooth mouthfeel and rich nutty oils.

Lemon Myrtle

Delivers the distinctly Australian citrus burst to the gin.

Citrus peel

Provides a zesty freshness, the perfect counterpoint to Bright Night’s moody base


Deliver a delicate floral hint

Green cardamom pods

Provide distinctive Asian spiciness and help to create the pops of flavour in our gin

Cassia Bark

Lends notes of spicy sweetness with a touch of heat. Sometimes called Chinese Cinnamon, we call cassia bark a ‘warming’ botanical.


We use the root of angelica (from Poland) which contributes to the sweet forest-floor of Bright Night.

Orris Root

Provides an extra dusty layer and acts to bind other flavours. It comes from the iris flower, and we source it from Morocco.

Sarsaparilla root

Adds to the musty earthiness that defines the gin


Sparingly used, provides more pungent spice

Making the Gin

From the tassie wilderness to your hands, learn how we make our gin.

The Team

Meet the team behind Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin.


The 14 botanicals in Bright Night Tasmanian Gin make it an ideal choice for great cocktails. Check out our cocktail ideas.

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