Welcome to Bright Night Gin, your bottle of the best gin in Australia. Nestled in the beautiful and colourful, New Town in Hobart, we craft one of the most awarded gins in Australia, with passion and precision. Our commitment to sustainability and quality shines through in every batch, as we hand-select the finest botanicals and employ meticulous distillation techniques. But our dedication doesn’t end there – we’re also proud to give back to our community and leave the house a better place.

Bright Night Team

Damian Mackey and Suman Dahal, meet the team behind Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin.

Making the Gin

From the tassie wilderness to your hands, learn how we make our gin.


There is always room (and responsibility) for improvement. Learn more about our sustainable practices.

The Gin Connoisseurs

To keep things fun and spicy, we use a number of gin connoisseurs in our marketing and products. Find out more about them here.

Community Support

Sarah Banford - Norwood Footy Club

we also want to extend our hands to uplift and empower our local community. That’s precisely why we love investing in community projects and weaving a strong social fabric that reflects the spirit of our gin.


Here is a little tribute to where our gin comes from : Tasmania!

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