Martini with a beautiful colour and taste, made better with Bright Night Pink gin.

Pink gin lychee martini Gin Cocktail Recipe

Here are the ingredients and steps to make a great Pink gin lychee martini Gin Cocktail

Pink gin lychee martini Gin Cocktail Ingredients

  • 60ml Bright Night Pink Gin
  • 30ml Lychee syrup
  • 10ml Lime juice
  • 1 Lychee
  • How to make Pink gin lychee martini Gin Cocktail

  • Grab a cocktail shaker
  • Pour 60ml Bright Night Pink Gin, lychee syrup and lime juice
  • Add ice cubes and shake well
  • Strain into a chilled martini/coupe glass
  • Garnish with 1-3 lychees
  • Pink gin lychee martini Gin Cocktail Gallery

    Here are some photos of Pink gin lychee martini Gin Cocktail that we took when we made the cocktail ourselves. We would love to see your photos when you make this cocktail. Please tag us at @brightnightgin on instagram, facebook and tiktok if you are sharing your cocktail photos.

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    Gin Cocktails taste better with award-winning Bright Night Pink Gin

    This stuff is a game-changer for cocktail enthusiasts. Packed with 14 handpicked botanicals and featuring those magical murtis berries, it's like a flavor explosion in a bottle. The murtis berries bring a mesmerizing fragrance and a whole new level of deliciousness to the mix. When you add this Pink Gin to your cocktails, it's not just about taste; it's an aromatic journey. Plus, the best part? It turns your cocktails all pretty in pink! So, if you're looking to elevate your cocktail game with a burst of berry goodness and a dash of color, Pink Gin is your secret weapon. Cheers to flavorful, pink-tinted sips! Make your own seriously tasty cocktails with our award-winning Murtis Berry Pink gin. Learn more and buy it here

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