How to pair your gin with meat

Gin is typically paired with light, salty or savory flavors. Beef and lamb are ideal choices. Also cured meats are a great pairing option for snacks and entertaining groups! Steaks and barbecued lamb are excellent choices for gin, while popular cured meats to pair with gin include prosciutto, salami, and bacon. The juniper in gin is a great complement to the saltiness and richness of cured meats. Additionally, the botanicals in gin can bring out the flavors of the meat and vice versa. Read on to find out some tips and tricks for pairing gin with meat. Pairing According to…

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Gin tasting at home with a gin tasting pack

Gin tasting at home offers gin enthusiasts the opportunity to sample a variety of gins from the comfort of their own homes. Gin tasting packs typically include a selection of different gins, ranging from traditional London dry gins to more experimental, flavoured gins. Gin tasting at home also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different mixers and garnishes and go beyond the standard mixer pairings.

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What makes Tasmanian Gin so amazing

Gin has a long and fascinating history in Tasmania, dating back to the 1800s when early settlers brought the spirit with them from England. Initially, gin was predominantly consumed by the colonial elites, who imported it from Europe, but it wasn’t long before local distillers began to produce their own versions of the popular spirit.

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