The Process of making Gin

Gin is a spirit known by all people across the globe and is supposed to have been existing since the middle ages. Some even argue that it’s way older than that. In 2018, in the United Kingdom alone, 66 million bottles of gin were sold (History UK).  It’s an amazing drink, often exclusively drank with mixers, due to its high alcohol content. But how do you make gin? It’s an interesting process for sure, making it an exceptional type of spirit. But different distillers have different processes of making gin. Some are micro-distilled which means, almost everything is done by…

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Bright Night Gin: Award winning gin

Here at Bright Night Gin, we are passionate about distilling exceptional gin sourced from the best native Tasmanian, Australian and quality imported botanicals. A gin you can sip and enjoy on your own or appreciate the different drinks and best gin cocktails with your friends. We were delighted when Bright Night Gin was awarded a Silver award in the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards on Saturday. Our core 45 percent Bright Night Gin took the prize in the “London Dry Gin” category of the event, judged by an expert panel of distilling industry and beverage experts. The award is supported by…

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Gin Labels are off to be printed…

We are finally getting close to launch. We have just dispatched the labels to the printers and we cannot wait to show you how they look once they are on the bottle. We have now gone through at least 50 variations of the label to get to where we are and we hope you love them as much as we do 🙂 Just when we thought we were done, we decided to add a little note talking about how Bright Night Award Winning Gin is unfiltered and how that creates a better flavour and how the gin clouds over ice….

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