Westie Beer Festie Werribee - Gin

Beer Fest Shenanigans: When gin and hops dance at Werribee

On a beautiful sunny Saturday at Kelly Park, Werribee, we came, we saw, and we brought gin to a beer party. It was a warm day, the park was buzzing, and we were here to turn give a taste of gin to the festival goers and turn non-gin drinkers into believers. A splash of Gin-sanity There were tons of die-hard beer lovers at a beer festival. However there were heaps of gin-entusiasts as well. They were pleasantly surprised to see a gin stall amongst all the fantastic beers and hops. We had put a fair bit of effort on our…

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Capi low sugar tonic water gin tasting guide

Capi Low Sugar Tonic for Gin Tasting

Let’s talk gin tasting today – because in the gin universe, taste is everything. It’s the compass that separates the casual gin sippers from the hardcore connoisseurs. We’re the kind of folks who are always on the hunt for those unique and complex flavors that the Australian gin scene has to offer. And guess what? We’ve got something pretty darn special in store – our Bright Night Gins tasting packs. They’ve been rocking the world of gin enthusiasts all over Australia, and it’s all thanks to our love for distilling and the fantastic mix of native Australian and imported botanicals….

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Fathers day gifts

Raising a glass to the man who adds a touch of juniper joy to every moment—our gin-loving dad. His impeccable taste is matched only by his ability to craft the perfect cocktail and create unforgettable memories. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate the connoisseur of fine spirits and the master of mixology. Whether he’s savoring the botanical elegance of his favorite gin or experimenting with new flavors, our gift guide is here to raise the bar and make his day as exceptional as his discerning palate. Cheers to the dad who knows that life, like a well-made cocktail, is best enjoyed…

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Best gin Australia

Gifts for Gin lovers

Looking for some gifts for gin lovers? we have come up with the ultimate list of gift ideas. Lets just say Gin is more than just a drink – it’s a lifestyle. So when you send the perfect gin gift, it is sure to make a huge difference for the gin-lover. Whether its for a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion, to say thanks or a cheeky gift for yourself, the ultimate gin-connoseur, these gin-credible gifts will surely impress any gin enthusiast. The perfect gin Obviously you can get gin gift packs, gin experience packs, nibbles and tonics with your…

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Gin tasting at home with a gin tasting pack

Gin tasting at home offers gin enthusiasts the opportunity to sample a variety of gins from the comfort of their own homes. Gin tasting packs typically include a selection of different gins, ranging from traditional London dry gins to more experimental, flavoured gins. Gin tasting at home also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different mixers and garnishes and go beyond the standard mixer pairings.

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Destination Cellars Tasmanian Gin Tasting Event

AN EVENING CELEBRATING SMALL BATCH TASMANIAN GINS  Destination Cellars is celebrating the start of Spring with a wonderful showcase of Gins from 4 boutique Tasmanian Gin producers. We invite you to join our adventure in gin exploration on Friday evening September 24th at 7pm in the beautiful surrounds of Hadleys Orient Hotel. Bright Night Gin will be one of the gins on the special gin tasting selection. There will also be an opportunity to meet the producers, try their gins and share their stories. Tickets are $60 each and must be booked in advance as seats are limited. Attendees will have access to exclusive pricing on all gins on…

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