Australia's best gin and tonic gift packs

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving a truly exceptional gift. The smile on the recipient’s face, the excitement as they unwrap it – it’s an experience that never gets old. We have been fulfilling gifts for a variety of Australians in the last year. We have also seen a few cheeky gin gifts for yourselfs (which we encourage as these packs are amazing!).

We have sent Gin and tonic gift packs with hand written notes for

  • Christmas gifts
  • Easter gifts
  • Birthday gifts ( our most popular)
  • Thanks you gifts
  • Thinking of you gifts

This year, we are thrilled to announce a major upgrade to our signature gin gift packs – making them an even more incredible value for customers. For the last two years, our gift packs have been a huge hit, allowing gin aficionados to explore the full depth of our award-winning spirits. Each pack includes a full-size 700ml bottle of one of our gins, along with a curated selection of premium tonic waters and a decadent gourmet fudge set. It has no doubt, been the ultimate gin experience in a box.

But now, we’re taking things to the next level. In addition to the gin, tonics, and fudge, we’ve added some truly special new elements that are sure to delight any gin lover. Prepare to be wowed by the enhanced Bright Night Gin and Tonic Gift Pack!

The Centerpiece: One of Australia’s most awarded Gins

At the heart of each gift pack is, of course, one of Bright Night Gin’s acclaimed expressions. Customers can choose from our three gold medal-winning gins:

Wild Tasmanian Gin:

Our flagship spirit that has earned us countless accolades, including Double Gold and Asia Pacific Spirit of the year Trophy in China wine and spirits awards. This classic London Dry style gin is meticulously crafted using native Tasmanian botanicals like mountain pepperberry, lemon myrtle, and native Kunzea. The result is a beautifully balanced, juniper-forward, Australian contemporary gin with layers of citrus, pepper, and botanical complexity.

Australia’s best Pink Gin

A delightfully vibrant and fruit-forward gin that has become a fan-favorite. We infuse our gin base with the essence of hand-picked Tasmanian murtis berries, creating a pink-hued spirit with bright notes of berry, juniper, and a touch of pepperberry. Refreshing and versatile, it’s equally stunning sipped over ice or mixed into cocktails.

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin

Our most premium and unique offering, this gin has been meticulously aged for 3 months in a French oak barrel that previously held Chardonnay wine. The extended barrel maturation imbues the gin with rich, buttery flavors and a silky, complex mouthfeel. Sipping this gin is a true sensory experience.

No matter which award-winning expression your recipient chooses, they’re in for a real treat. Each 700ml bottle is the perfect size to enjoy neat, in cocktails, or shared with friends.

Tonic Water Tasting Flight

To complement the star of the show – the gin – we’ve thoughtfully curated a flight of four premium tonic waters. These aren’t your average grocery store tonics. We’ve hand-selected a range of unique and delicious options that will allow your giftee to explore new flavor pairings.

Included in the pack are:

  • Australian tonic water 200ml can (low sugar)
  • Pepperberry tonic water 200ml can (low sugar)
  • Lily Pilly tonic water 200ml can (low sugar)
  • Kakadu Plum tonic water 200ml can (low sugar)

This flight allows gin enthusiasts to discover how different tonic profiles can enhance (or transform) the flavors of their favorite gins. It’s a masterclass in gin & tonic pairing.

Gourmet Hand made Tasmanian Fudge (4 flavours)

No luxury gin gift pack would be complete without a sweet treat to round it out. That’s why we’ve included a delectable set of four hand-crafted fudge squares from a local Tasmanian artisan.

Flavors include:

  • Orange Jaffa
  • After Dinner Mint
  • Roasted Hazelnut
  • Caramel

Each fudge square is made in small batches using premium ingredients. The smooth, creamy texture and rich, indulgent flavors make for the perfect complement to a refreshing gin cocktail.

Dehydrated Citrus Garnish

To take the gin & tonic experience to the next level, we’ve also added a special bonus item – a pack of “Sunny Slices” dehydrated citrus garnishes. Slices of Australian oranges, limes and lemons have been carefully dried to concentrate their essential oils and natural flavour.

These vibrant, citrus wheels make for a gorgeous garnish that will elevate any gin drink. Plus, they’re a handy tool for cocktail lovers, allowing them to easily express the oils and elevate the aromatics of their beverages.

Cocktails and Dreams Recipe Book

Finally, we’re including a 48-page cocktail recipe book filled with innovative gin drink ideas. Whether your recipient is a seasoned mixologist or a curious newbie, this book will inspire them to get creative behind the bar.

Curated by our team of expert gin connoisseurs, the book features:

  • Classic gin cocktail recipes like the Negroni, Martini, and Bramble
  • Bright Night Gin-specific signature cocktails
  • Tips and techniques for making professional-quality drinks at home
  • Some stories from Bright Night Gin Connoisseurs

It’s the ultimate resource to help gin lovers of all levels expand their horizons and master the art of mixing the perfect gin cocktail.

An Unforgettable Gin Experience

When you gift the new Bright Night Gin Luxury Gift Pack, you’re not just giving a bottle of spirits – you’re providing a complete sensory journey into the world of premium Australian gin. From the award-winning gins to the premium mixers, gourmet treats, and cocktail-making guidance, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The new Gin and Tonic gift packs will go live from June this year!


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