Cocktails and dreams - gin mixology book

We are thrilled to announce that our humble little “Cocktails & Dreams” brochure is being transformed into a proper keepsake book! This new beautifully designed book will be the ultimate guide to making magic with Bright Night Gin. The best part is that this is free and we will be giving it away with each sale of the bottle on our website.

We have moved from a 6 page brochure to a 28 page mini cocktail book. It certainly has been one of our most exciting projects in the last year. We think the book encapsulates the essence of the Bright Night brand. Inside you will discover:

Some of Bright Night Gin connoisseurs

  • The cover will have Ms Pink and there are some stories inside with Mr Bright, Ms Berry and Mr Orange. There are some unmissable stories involving the Bright Night Gin characters and their gin stories. Not giving away too much, there are stories of friendship, of love and despair and hope…

Don’t know who the gin connoisseurs are.. head over to our gin connoisseurs page to discover the Bright Night gin characters.

Classic Gin cocktail magic

The Cocktails & Dreams book will feature a range of recipes perfect for any level of home mixologist. Inside you will find

  • Easy beginner recipes like G&T to get your feet wet with the world of gin.
  • Iconic gin cocktails like Martini, Gimlet, Negroni, Gin Sour to impress your guests
  • Low calorie gin cocktails like Gin Rickey to keep yourself fit when hitting the delicious Bright Night bottle.
  • Signature cocktails, created by the Bright Night Gin team to showcase our gin’s botanicals and complexity
  • Some twists on the classic cocktails to keep things interesting, such as the Barrel Aged Negroni

Each recipe has ingredients, easy to follow instructions, twists and includes a photo so you can see the beautiful finished product. This book will turn you into a gin cocktail whiz!

Whether you’re a professional bartender or just love experimenting with new drink recipes, the Cocktails & Dreams book has everything you need to unlock the full potential of our gins. Consider it a passport into the creative, flavorful world of Bright Night mixology!

Foghorn gin cocktail image 1

Gorgeous photography capturing the essence of Bright Night Gin

We spend a bit of time taking great photos when we make our cocktails. The book features photos of gin cocktails that we have done ourselves (not taken from someone else) so they are made with Bright Night Gin, at home with equipment that you can use to create these concoctions yourself.

Blank pages to craft your own cocktail magic

The Cocktails & Dreams book also includes 3 blank pages where you can sketch out your own cocktail ideas and road test recipes. Jot down which Bright Night gin you use, the flavor combinations you try, and any special techniques that take your drink to the next level. These pages are designed to spark your creativity with our gins. Invent an exciting new cocktail and name it after yourself or a loved one. The possibilities are endless when you harness the botanical magic of Bright Night Gins!

Share the magic

Come up with a great Bright NIght gin cocktail? why not share the magic, we’d looooooooooooooove to hear about what you came up with.

Cocktail Dreams

With captivating stories, recipes for every skill level, and room to invent your own drinks, the Cocktails & Dreams book is so much more than a cocktail manual. It’s an invitation into the creativity and passion that goes into every bottle of our award-winning Australian gin.

The book will be available through our online store from March (tentatively). Keep an eye out on our socials for when the book becomes available.

The best things in life are free

They say the best things in life are free – and we couldn’t agree more!

Because let’s face it – some of the greatest joys we experience come without a price tag (well except the govt excise we pay on the gin). The first sip of an expertly crafted gin and tonic on a sunny patio. The smile of delight when a cocktail’s flavors smoothly combine. The contagious laughter that emerges when friends share a round of negronis or martinis. Even simple pleasures like squeezing fresh citrus for garnish or muddling herbs can lift our spirits in a way money can’t buy.

That’s why we’re happy to include our new Cocktails & Dreams recipe book with all purchases on our online store.


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