Looking to explore the finest Australian gins? Look no further than our new Award-winning gin bundles, carefully curated to showcase the best of Tasmania and Australia’s craft distilling scene. Join us as we unveil these exciting new offerings and discover why Tasmania is at the forefront of producing some of the best Australian gins.

We already have a Tasmanian sunset pack which combines our Wild Tasmanian and our Pink Gin bottles and it hugely popular. We made this pack when the Pink Gin was released. Now that we have our Barrel Aged Gin, we thought we should combine that with the other award-winning gins and create double packs. The double gin packs give you a discount (than buying the bottles separately), also gives you free shipping, gives Australia post some more business , gives your friends some new gins to try out when they come around to yours 🙂 and gives us the satisfaction that you are tasting more of our gins, its a win win win win for everyone!

And as a added bonus, both of these packs fall under our free shipping threshold 🙂 and if you are in any of the metro regions of Australia, its only a few days for delivery.

Tasmanian Essence Gin Pack

Tasmanian essence gin gift pack

Our first bundle, the Tasmanian Essence Gin Duo, is a celebration of Tasmania’s rich natural bounty and Australia’s diverse botanicals, embodying the essence of the Australian gin. This curated pairing features two distinct gins, each crafted to capture the unique botanicals, the fresh mountain water and the flavours of Tasmania.

The first gin in this duo is our multi-award-winning Wild Tasmanian Gin! This gin is a love letter to the rugged, untamed wilderness that makes Tasmania so special. We’ve carefully handpicked native botanicals from the island’s lush forests and pristine landscapes, infusing each sip with the essence of Tasmania’s natural beauty. Imagine taking a deep breath of the crisp mountain air, with the scent of eucalyptus and earthy pepperberry enveloping you. That’s what this gin captures – the raw, unapologetic spirit of Tasmania’s rugged mountains, dense rainforests, and sweeping coastlines. With every sip, you’ll feel like you’re embarking on an adventure through the island’s untamed wilderness.

Adding to that is another gem – our Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin. This one pays homage to Tasmania’s rich winemaking heritage esp the Tamar Valley region. We age this gold-medal-winning gin in French oak barrels that were previously used to mature some of Tasmania’s finest Chardonnays. The result? A gin that’s infused with subtle notes of oak, vanilla, and spice, creating a depth of flavor that’s simply divine. It’s like taking a sip of Tasmania’s craftsmanship and tradition, a nod to the region’s renowned wine culture that’s been honed over generations. With each sip, you’ll savor the smooth, complex flavors that only careful aging can create, making this gin an absolute indulgence for the discerning palate.

Together, these two gins create a sensory journey through Tasmania’s diverse landscapes and flavors, inviting you to explore the essence of this captivating region with every pour.

The Berry and Barrel Gin Bundle

Our second bundle, the Berry & Barrel Bundle, offers a delightful pairing of gins that showcase Tasmania’s north /west side. This bundle is perfect for those who appreciate the sweet and tart flavors of Tassie berries, as well as the sophistication of the barrel-aged gin.

Tasmanian Berry and Barrel Gin Gift pack

The star of this bundle is our Bright Night Pink Gin, infused with succulent Murtis berries handpicked from Penguin in Tasmania’s north west. Bursting with flavor and natural sweetness, this gin is a celebration of Tasmania’s bountiful harvests and the skilled hands that tend to its fertile soil. With its vibrant hue and luscious taste, it’s sure to become a favorite among gin enthusiasts looking for something bold and unique.

Accompanying the Pink Gin is our Barrel Aged Gin, aged to perfection in French oak barrels previously used to mature Tasmanian Chardonnay. This gin offers a more refined and complex drinking experience, with layers of oak, vanilla, and spice that dance on the palate with each sip, showcasing the region’s ability to produce world-class spirits that rival the best in the world.

Free Shipping on the Gin packs

The great news is that you are able to enjoy these amazing Australian gins with Free shipping as they meet the $150 threshold for Free shipping on our site. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one with the gift of exceptional gin, you can enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery without any extra cost.

Send a loved one a Gin gift pack

You can also send these packs as a Gin gift pack for a loved one. Please include a message when ordering and we will include a hand written note from you. It’s as if you hand delivered the pack yourself 🙂

Gin cocktail book

Cocktails and dreams - gin mixology book

We are also currently working on a Gin cocktail book that will come as part of these packs, at this stage, the book is expected to come at the end of this month (March 2024). Please follow us on our socials or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!


Our range of multi award winning gins

Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin

Capture multi award winning Wild Tasmania in your glass. Recently awarded Asia Pacific spirit of the year 2022.

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Bright Night Pink Gin

Looks like summer sunset, tastes like strawberry sherbet. Made with Tasmanian murtis berries, try our new Pink Gin.

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Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin

Award winning Wild Tasmanian Gin aged in a Tasmanian Winery's Choardonnay (French Oak) Barrel

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