Goaty Hill winery - barrel aged gin

Bright Night Gin is delighted to announce the upcoming release of our highly anticipated second batch of Barrel Aged Gin. This new matured and aged creation represents the next chapter in our Barrel Aged Gin adventure.

As a proud Australian gin distillery, we are building upon the outstanding success of our inaugural barrel aged gin launch last year. That first release clinched a prestigious gold medal at the Australian Gin Awards, marking a huge milestone of all our gin expressions getting a gold medal at the Australian Gin Awards. Naturally, this second batch needs to meet the highest standards to continue Bright Night’s legacy of award-winning gins.

Chardonnay Barrel from Goaty Hill Winery

The making of this beautiful gin began by sourcing the perfect barrel to impart flavor nuance and character. We selected a 200-liter French oak barrel that previously aged vibrant Chardonnay at Goaty Hill Winery, nestled amidst the picturesque Tamar Valley wine region.

Goaty Hill is renowned for their excellent Chardonnay, noted for its crisp, fresh fruit flavors and balanced acidity. After the Chardonnay, traces of the grape’s essence remained infused within the barrel’s oak. This set the foundation for a fresh and floral gin.

Our First Barrel Aged gin release

For our first barrel aged release, we had allowed our London dry style Wild Tasmanian gin to mingle with the Chardonnay barrel for three months. This modest but adequete maturation enhanced the gin with delicate complexity, and a compound flavour that balanced flavours of gin, wine and whisky.

However, for the second batch, we dared to be patient and instead of just doubling the aging time, we left it in there for a few extra months, decanting it in 8-9 months.

This extended barrel rest has rewarded us with a gin of unparalleled depth, character, and sophistication. As the gin absorbed the barrel’s oak tannins over many months, beautiful new flavor dimensions emerged.

Barrel Aged gin flavour profile

Most notably, this longer aging period encouraged more pronounced integration of floral and buttery notes from the Chardonnay barrel into our gin’s botanical profile. Upon first pour, you may notice an alluring perfume of florals, vanillas and our signature wild tasmanian botanical profile.

Our distiller’s signature juniper, citrus, elderberry and Tasmanian mountain pepperberry have harmonized flawlessly with the barrel’s imprint, creating a symphony of flavors. Each botanical note stands out while complementing the others.

Barrel Aged gin and cocktails

Similar to our first batch of our Barrel Aged Gin, it tasted great in a Gin and Tonic, but is also a sipping gin. Enjoy it on the rocks or chilled straight out of the fridge or freezer. However you choose to enjoy it, our barrel aged gin rewards you with an intricate blend of flavors not often found in the gin category. Its depth sets it apart as a truly special spirit meant to be lingered over.
While exceptional sipped on its own, our barrel aged gin also adds a layered taste to classic cocktails like the Negroni, Martinez, or Martini. Its complexity provides a scaffolding that allows other strong flavors like Campari or maraschino liqueur to climb higher in those cocktails. The gin’s layers intermingle beautifully with other ingredients.

Our Barrel Aged gin sour is one of the most popular cocktails at gin events that we usually run.

When can you buy the second batch of our Barrel Aged gin

Over the next two months, our team will be hard at work bottling and preparing this special gin for its full market release. We can’t wait to get these intricately crafted bottles out to our fans! Keep an eye on our social media channels, as we’ll announce the official launch date and details on how to get your hands on a bottle soon.

To properly showcase this barrel aged gin’s depth and elegance, we’ll also be hosting a series of exclusive tasting events. Our master distillers and gin experts will be on hand to guide you through customized negroni and martini recipes that allow the gin’s flavors to shine. You’ll have the opportunity to sip this sublime spirit and speak directly with our team about the barrel aging process. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about these events once dates are finalized.

In addition, we’re already eagerly planning the next batch of barrel aged gin. Our team has begun sourcing another unique barrel from a acclaimed winery in the Victorian wine region. By aging our gin across different oak and wine varietals, we’re crafting an unparalleled range of expressions. Stay tuned in the coming months as we reveal more about the next barrel aged release!


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