Westie Beer Festie Werribee - Gin

On a beautiful sunny Saturday at Kelly Park, Werribee, we came, we saw, and we brought gin to a beer party. It was a warm day, the park was buzzing, and we were here to turn give a taste of gin to the festival goers and turn non-gin drinkers into believers.

A splash of Gin-sanity

There were tons of die-hard beer lovers at a beer festival. However there were heaps of gin-entusiasts as well. They were pleasantly surprised to see a gin stall amongst all the fantastic beers and hops. We had put a fair bit of effort on our stall and it stood out like a sore thumb. The three expressions of Bright Night gin and the colours are fairly attractive even from a distance and we also have cocktails and drinks to serve.

Gin and Tonic candle

This was the first time we had displayed our (Zen) Gin and Tonic candles at an event and needless to say the Gin & Tonic candles were a big hit. We had to call in backup at the second session to keep up with the demand.

First time Gin tasters

We also wanted to make sure some gin-curious people got to taste some of our gin. The reactions were priceless; they went from “I don’t drink gin” to “I need another round” in record time. Some even bought a bottle or two with a promise that we won’t tell the beer guys 🙂

Gin Tasting packs

The Gin tasting packs were a big hit with the first time gin tasters wanting to relive the experience at their homes. The Bright Night Gin tasting packs come with three 50ml bottles of our award winning Gin expressions. The Wild Tasmanian Gin (London Dry style), The Pink Gin (with the power of murtis berries) and the Barrel Aged gin (aged in a Tamar Valley French Oak barrel used for Chardonnay).

Gin cocktails

This was the first event where Bright Night Gin team were serving our cocktails, so we were a bit nervous. Everyone loved the Pink Spritz (with our Pink Gin) and the Barrel Aged Gin Sour (with our Chardonnay Barrel Aged gin sour). It was gret to see expressions transformed from doubt to delight as they tasted the magic of these botanical concoctions. Turns out, outdoor gin-tasting is quite the adventure!

We couldn’t have asked for a better crowd, a more welcoming atmosphere, or a more delightful setting to showcase our gin locally. We hope to come to more events near you and bring our gin to you at your local festivals.


Our range of multi award winning gins

Bright Night Wild Tasmanian Gin

Capture multi award winning Wild Tasmania in your glass. Recently awarded Asia Pacific spirit of the year 2022.

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Bright Night Pink Gin

Looks like summer sunset, tastes like strawberry sherbet. Made with Tasmanian murtis berries, try our new Pink Gin.

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Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin

Award winning Wild Tasmanian Gin aged in a Tasmanian Winery's Choardonnay (French Oak) Barrel

$94.00 incl GST image/svg+xml Read more

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