Low calorie gin cocktails

Heading out for a night with friends or unwinding after a long day doesn’t have to undo all your hard work on maintaining a calorie-conscious lifestyle. Gin, the versatile spirit known for its herbal and botanical profile, offers a playground of cocktail possibilities that can align with your health goals. Imagine savoring the bold taste of a gin & tonic knowing it’s as light in calories as it is in its effervescent dance on your tongue. If anything sticking to a low calorie gin drink is a much better alternative than other alcoholic drinks.

Did you know? you can also scroll through our Cocktail List and find a low calorie cocktail. Just look out for a low calorie sign next to the cocktail.  

By itself, the pure gin contains 0 carbs. A single 30ml (1oz) serving of gin contains 74 calories. That depends on the type and brand of gin you’ve got. No need to worry if you’re health conscious but still want to try out this spirit. There are many ways in which you can still enjoy it!


Sipping gin with ice is the way to enjoy the spirit with the lowest calorie count. Ice is just water — so go crazy with it! You can enjoy gin’s flavours in their purest form this way. Or you can even add botanicals and fruit slices to your water before freezing. Also, Bright Night Gin’s got a tantalizing effect when you pour it over ice! Watch out for that when you try our gin this way.


Here we are talking the Australian definition of soda, which is no sugar and just carbonated water. If you are in US, not just any soda will count for low calories! Make sure that you’re using carbonated soda water. Other forms of soda have got tons of sugar and flavouring added in. You can even find naturally carbonated soda water if you do your research well. Their bubbles form organically and make for an interesting drinking experience.


Half soda, half tonic. That means lower calories! You’ll love this technique of swapping out halves of the higher-calorie ingredients for making cocktails. It ensures that you still get a bit of their taste, but with less guilt. Try to use a low sugar Tonic water to even lower the calories.


Go a little classic to get fewer calories. Tonic water commonly includes quinine and sweeteners. This means more calories. Use a low sugar tonic water to reduce calories cosumed while having our favorite drink.


Here are some Gin cocktails which are also low on calories. You can find these and more in our cocktails section.


This will be the best tasting, low calorie option.


Spritz contains only 90 calories. With our naturally sweet Pink Gin, you can get your sweet cocktail fix! If you ever want to enjoy a sweet cocktail but want less of the calories, know that you can count on the Pink Gin for that


Like we said — go a little classic to get fewer calories. Any way you make the classic martini, you can be sure that your body won’t cancel you for cheating on your diet. Go crazy with your favourite Martini toppers!


The Grapefruit G&T is pretty much like the Negroni. It’s a bit bitter because of your citrus. If you’re looking for something to get your appetite started, maybe consider this low-calorie cocktail!


Gin Sour contains zero sugar! Let’s raise a toast to that! A quick mix of egg white, gin, lemon juice, and bitters, and you’re good to go. Standard Gin Sour recipes would call for the addition of simple syrup. You can opt-out of that by choosing to use sweeter lemons instead. Get rid of the egg white for even lower calories.

SUGAR SYRUP or SIMPLE SYRUP – the secret calorie

A ton of gin cocktails (and cocktails, in general) call for the use of sugar syrup. If you want any of those, we definitely recommend that you swap out the sugar syrup for natural juice. Or even muddled fresh fruits. Sugar syrup is basically just sugar and water so packs a ton of calories. If you are thinking of cutting down calories, always check if your drink has sugar syrup and swap it out

Have any low-calorie cocktails or hacks you love? Send over your ingredient substitutes and recipes through our social media.


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