Capi low sugar tonic water gin tasting guide

Capi Low Sugar Tonic for Gin Tasting

Let’s talk gin tasting today – because in the gin universe, taste is everything. It’s the compass that separates the casual gin sippers from the hardcore connoisseurs. We’re the kind of folks who are always on the hunt for those unique and complex flavors that the Australian gin scene has to offer. And guess what? We’ve got something pretty darn special in store – our Bright Night Gins tasting packs. They’ve been rocking the world of gin enthusiasts all over Australia, and it’s all thanks to our love for distilling and the fantastic mix of native Australian and imported botanicals….

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What is a barrel aged gin

In the 18th century, oak casks were used to store and transport gin. Gin was originally aged in wooden barrels to give it a smooth flavor and prevent it from spoiling. However, barrel aging also imparts a subtle woodiness to the gin, which can be enhanced by using a barrel that has been previously used to age whiskey or wine. Today, many craft distilleries are barrel aging gin to create unique and complex flavors. Barrel aged gin mostly uses wine barrels now which lend a subtlety and depth of flavour that can’t be achieved by other methods. The original “jenever”…

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