Home bar essentials for gin cocktails

Stocking your home bar for the first time? Don’t spill your drinks just yet! Here’s the lowdown on the tools you’ll need to become a cocktail connoisseur without raiding your bank account.

Cocktail Shaker

You can’t make a world-famous gin cocktail without one of these bad boys. The cocktail shaker is your new BFF for mixing and chilling drinks lickety-split. It’s got three parts: the cap, the strainer, and the tin. Pop all your ingredients into the tin with some ice, seal it up tight with the cap, and shake that thing like you’re dancing latin. Strain your ice-cold, perfectly blended cocktail into a fancy glass and you’ll be livin’ la vida mojito in no time.

Double Jigger

No more spilling booze all over the place trying to free pour your drinks! The double jigger precisely measures out shots so you don’t end up three sheets to the wind after your first drink. Use the bigger side for a double shot of gin when you need liquid courage for the karaoke night. The smaller side measures out a single shot for when you just want a little sum’n sum’n in your gin and tonic.


Muddling is essential for getting the most flavor out of fruits, herbs, and other goodies that go in your gin cocktails. Grab your wooden muddler and smash those ingredients to release their juices and oils. Pretend the mint leaves owe you money as you grind them into a tasty pulp. Your mojito will thank you for it!

Cocktail Strainer

This gadget looks like a little hat and perches on your shaker to strain out ice and solids. Simply plop it on top and pour – no more floating ice cubes or cucumber chunks in your East side (unless that’s how you like it, you party animal), respect!


Adults need their own swizzle sticks too! Use this long mixing spoon to layer and combine cocktails that can’t be shaken. Think of good days by the pool with a martini or a negroni in some Italian restaurant in one of Melbourne’s alleys. Stir gently with a pinky up like you’re the Queen of England.

Stainless Steel Straws

Sip your drink in style while saving the turtles! Reusable stainless steel straws are where it’s at. Plus you look ultra sophisticated using one. But watch out for rogue raspberry spears when sipping the Bright Night Gin deam cocktail.

Gram worthy glassware

Still using instagram and not tiktok? Don’t tell your teenager that. Don’t worry, we still think you are cool. Ditch your chipped Queensland souvenir mugs and get some sleek barware! Unique glasses level up your drinking experience and just make you feel fancy. Finally use those perfume gift sets from grandma to store your shot glasses. Share pics of your drinks in your new glassware but crop out the pile of dishes in the sink.
Here’s a tip, Kmart’s got some amazing glass stuff right now.

Cheers to mixing, shaking, and stirring your way to becoming a home bartender! Shaken, stirred who cares, as long as it has Bright Night gin in it 🙂


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